[productsample] This is one for skin care buffs to take a strong note of. Founded by biochemist Nausheen Qureshi, there is so much more to Elequra than I can cover in a single post. Let’s say that the biochemistry behind it plays a huge part, from advanced molecular delivery to an algae complex unique to this brand and this brand alone (it delivers a full profile of essential amino acids).

Elequra Skin Care

Something that’s really special about Elequra is that it claims zero aquatic impact, meaning that nothing about it, from start to finish will damage aquatic life and it’s completely safe in the water system. This type of mindful formulating is a sign of the future, when consumers just don’t want what they like to damage the things they love. So many of our beauty products have a high aquatic toxicity that we just don’t have a clue about.

I know that scientifically speaking, I am out of my league on this one, so what I’m telling you are the basics. They’re so interesting and full of potential as a blue print for the future of beauty. Nausheen is already in high demand by brands to formulate for them – there’s a waiting list piling up at her biochemistry lab at Imperial College London.

If you don’t immediately understand the mechanics of biochemistry in beauty (which I’m the first to admit that I don’t!), put simply, it’s a way of bio-designing ingredients to enhance their potency – supercharging them, if you like, so that they work at 100% of their ability with pinpoint accuracy.

Elequra Skin Care

Nausheen’s beauty formulations are already in ready circulation within the luxury beauty sphere but she doesn’t kiss and tell so I can’t pass on where you’ll find them (damn it!). With her own range, ten years in the making, she can do as she please, and she does! For example, did you know that tamarind seed is 40% more hydrating than hyaluronic acid? No? Me neither, but it’s a key component of her formulations for Elequra.

Back briefly to Nausheen’s algae complex (she trains and educates the farmers herself in Africa). It contains plant based fatty acids, bioactive enzymes, minerals, vitamins and beta carotene, all at strengths that give the maximum possible benefits. Combined with taramind seed extracts and multi peptides (both short and long chain in a micro molecule delivery), these products really do seem rather special.

Elequra Skin Care

I’m at the very beginning of trying out the brand so other than a very nominal testing of the Complete Replenishing Oil (£48) and the Deep Nourishing Cream (£55) the only product I can hand on heart suggest to you is the Intense Restore Mask (£56) which deserves a place in every beauty Hall of Fame. It’s lactic acid driven with papain enzymes for exfoliation and damn, it’s good. The silky feel of other products after a good enzymatic exfoliant is second to none as you put them on freshly soft and brightened skin – it’s like stroking velvet.

I suggest if you’re fascinated by the idea of bio-designed ingredients, there is plenty of further reading on the Elequra website HERE, along with the full range of 8 products. The only thing I don’t love about this brand is the packaging – it’s too pedestrian for the contents and needs something to draw the eye in such a cluttered skin care market.




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