[unpaid/sample] I don’t think I know anyone who is getting a good night’s sleep at the moment. My sleep seems to go in cycles – I’ll sleep like a top for months and then suddenly, out of nowhere the pattern disappears and I’m awake at all hours. This is a very difficult time – we are post pandemic but the world seems more precarious than it was before. People feel angry and negative because things seem to be falling apart but thinking about it, there have always been times when nothing goes smoothly but not usually so many things at once. I don’t know if it’s just underlying worry that has caused the break in my sleep but I do know it’s not just me and that’s helpful.

Elan Aromatherapy For Sleep

I also know that not everything works for everyone, that sometimes it’s just a cycle that will sort itself out and the worst thing you can do is panic. I usually put on a podcast because I mind less about not sleeping if I think I’m learning something and that in itself is usually enough for me to fall back asleep within a few minutes – it’s such a good way to put paid to mind racing at 3am and clearing my head with someone else’s words means I’m not dwelling and catastrophising. I also love aromatherapy – I don’t feel sceptical about it (although putting drops onto crystals to keep by my bed is a step too far for me personally) because I’ve seen how powerful it can be. As soon as I smelled Elan Just Sleep and Just Breathe, I knew they were blends I could get along with.

Elan Aromatherapy For Sleep

They’re pitched just right – it’s the usual suspects but so smooth on the senses. I have a diffuser that I love, and I adore an aromatherapy bath but you can also do a steam inhalation which I hadn’t thought of and it sounds rather lovely (god help my hair though) for a maximum benefit in a small amount of time. Just Breathe is formulated with menthol crystals from organic peppermint, with myrrh, lavender and lemon (so it’s not recommended for pregnancy, nursing or asthma as myrrh can contra-indicate), while Just Sleep has key players of frankincense, lavender and bergamot. Aromatherapy doesn’t solve world peace, but it feels like a positive action you can make for yourself enabling you to focus on the issues that are bothering you. Acknowledgement is half the battle, as is understanding what you can change and what you can’t. I’m doing my best to lean into not sleeping well – taking a power nap if I have to, and not getting flustered about being wakeful. Can I just say that writing about sleep and sniffing at the oils as I am just now has got me yawning my head off :-)).  Elan has a 20% code if you think you like the sound of the oils which are £20 each – or anything else; it applies site wide. It’s for 20% – use Britishbeautyblogger at check out HERE.


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