I’ve just used this two part oxygenating and detoxifying product – so far, just kind of confused. In the first and larger section is the Oxygenating Facial..and that’s the bit I have a problem with. Basically, the products combined promise amazing things for skin including a detoxifying molecule that detoxifies skin cells by binding together with skin scavengers (pollutants, heavy metals, UV rays & electromagnetic radiation, e.g. microwaves, computers, artificial light, infrared rays) to produce taurine, neutralizing toxic effects and naturally releasing toxins. Eh? As if that isn’t enough, its also got Oxygen Spheres to maximize oxygen transportation into skin cells & optimize oxygen consumption restoring cell’s energy. It’s exactly this kind of product that uses technology-speak and gives promises that you’ll never in a million years be able to prove have worked – I mean, how could you possibly know if your skin has really been scoured of infrared ray toxins? – that I just inherently mistrust. The other thing I don’t like about it is the ‘oxygen’ effect that happens when you apply the lotion – it bubbles away on your face (I put it on my hands, too, so I could watch exactly what happened) to a certain level of foam and then all the little bubbles burst away. So, did activating the oxygen spheres really do anything to my skin? The answer is, I don’t know. To me it feels like a gimmick. At least with AHAs that I can feel tingling on my face I know that my skin will feel ultra smooth afterwards and the effects of getting rid of dead cells can truly be felt. With this, I’ve really no clue whether oxygen was delivered more effectively – or even at all – because of the bubbles (Bliss used this foaming formula a couple of years ago and I wasn’t terribly impressed with that one either). Afterwards, my skin felt very mildy stinging – not enough to be in discomfort but enough to make me aware of it. I applied the second part – Detoxifying Cream – which again, sorry to be pedantic – doesn’t quite add up to an ‘experience’…it’s a mask and a cream.

The results from the ‘experience’? Well, in fairness, my skin feels beautifully soft, so I might well do the treatment again, but that foam? I don’t know…I feel skeptical. I think it’s a great example of promising things that nobody really understands in the first place, so they’ll never quite know if they got it or not. Dr Brandt is a reputable brand however, and I suspect if you are brand loyal, then you’ll have no issue just going with the flow. Personally, for £64, I want something I KNOW and can FEEL has done something.

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