Seriously, some brands just can’t help themselves. I’m looking at Dove True Tone Underarm Dark Mark Eraser. On the one hand, Dove does some remarkable self-esteem work – they’ve recently produced some fascinating stats on how women feel about themselves in terms of beauty. But that work is rather unravelled, I feel, when they’re single-handedly responsible for bringing ‘beautiful underarms’ to the attention of most women who had previously not considered this a problem area in terms of beauty. Just while we’re all busy worrying about wrinkles, cellulite, the odd chin hair and all the other little beauty niggles, along comes another guest to the low self-esteem party. Your armpits.

A couple of years ago, I actually met the person who conceived that idea at a conference, and told them what I thought about it. I even took my top off and showed the room my (unshaven) armpits in front of 200 people to make the point that armpits are just places on our bodies that are the least of anyone’s worries. That wasn’t a planned thing – I’ve never done it before or since – but I felt strongly enough to make the point that brands who create insecurities and then come up with cures – we’re onto them!

It’s the sort of thing in beauty that I really mind about – there is a bigger picture behind the lipsticks and new products on BBB. If I get the chance to call out brands, I take it. And, I’m taking it now. Just stop it, Dove. Focus on the things you’re really good at – and there are many – and leave our armpits alone. There are better, happier and more positive things to spend £20 on.

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