I have a generally good relationship with most PRs – not always, but mostly. It’s a very tricky balance sometimes because a good PR protects their brand like a tigress while making you feel you’re getting the good end of the deal, which you only ever are if it suits the brand. So, sometimes I’m absolutely amazed at how little brands actually listen to the people who are so protective of them. Often, I’ll say, ‘I wish they’d done so and so to make X product better’, and many times, the brand has already been given that suggestion by their PR. These are the people who work day in and day out with the products; they trail it round to the press, they get the feedback face to face (not always easy) and they are surrounded by beauty products on the front line of the beauty industry. But, the number of times that these constructive ideas aren’t listened to I can’t count. I hear it all the time. Brands, if you wonder why you product isn’t selling or being well received, go find a wall and then bang your head against it, avoiding your PR who is probably doing the same thing.

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