How stupid do you have to be to even consider investing the 60 or so quid in a kit for DIY Botox? But, demand feeds supply, so there must be someone out there jabbing away idiotically at their own foreheads. I’ve checked with Ravi, who does my Botox, just in case he’s been kidding all this time and it really is a breeze that any fool can do, and naturally he is completely against it. He says, “If you’re tempted to buy a cut price Botox kit from anywhere, please think twice.” Don’t even think twice; it’s a no brainer that a layperson doesn’t have the first clue about muscle and facial structure (although apparantly in the kit, there is a face map!!); can you even identify which muscles are working when you frown – where they sit in your forehead and where they begin and end? How deep they are under the skin, even? Nope. Me neither. Which is why, despite the fact that I’m a great advocate for bringing down the price of Botox (which apparantly is cost price of somewhere around the £30 mark), this isn’t the way to do it.

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