[unpaid/sample/affiliate/ad] If you’re a beauty fan, you’ll know the appearance of Diptyque Christmas Candles is the sign of the onward march towards December 25th. This year’s is a bit lower key than previous years – I’ve gone back to older posts (here is 2018 and here is 2017) to see how they’ve evolved and while they’re less dramatic, they’re somehow more elegant. Sapin always appears in their collections, and this year the three key fragrances are Sapin, Flocon and Biscuit. The beautiful carousels are back but a new candle accessory is the lantern (see below) which I think will spawn a whole new category of dancing light diffusers as other brands catch on to it.

Diptyque Lantern

They are expensive at £60 HERE but once you have one, it will fit all 190g Diptyque candles thereafter. I have re-used my carousel (smaller size candles). They’re (genuinely) selling like hot cakes already.

Diptyque Christmas Candles

The pattern on the candles is representative of snowflakes falling from the sky – and those little gold embellishments are real gold (probably don’t put it in the dishwasher when you repurpose as a little flower vase) and the scent of Flocon is mimosa and white musks. It’s beautiful – soft and powdery with some warmth behind it … it reminds me of  being inside and cosy on a winter day.

Diptyque Christmas Candles

Sapin holds no surprises – it’s a perfumer’s pine… authentic in that it’s a little bit sharp and menthol-y with mellow undercurrents. There’s no mistaking what it is! We’ve opted for the past couple of years not to have a real tree – not to do battle with needles and finding a space that’s away from a radiator but near a plug point for the lights. We gave up the real tree battle but I like to replicate the scent at least in some semblance of tradition. Sapin is perfect for that.

Diptyque Christmas Candles

Even in day light you can see how well the light catches on the gold dots. I think these candles get more expensive every year – in 2017 these were £27 and they’re now £33 (70g)  – but they are an olfactory symbol for many because it’s what their home smells like at Christmas. I haven’t lit either of these because I’m not ready for the symbolism yet but don’t feel I need to ‘test’ them as such because Diptyque is a trusted brand. The whole collection is HERE.

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