Dior Trianon Blush Corail Bagataille
Dior Trianon Blush Corail Bagatelle

There are so many parts to this collection – it’s a full on edition rather than a nod to spring. Above is the Dior Blush Trianon (Corail Bagatelle is shown but there is a pink version, Pink Reverie) and I think it’s my favourite thing from the collection. The detailing is just perfect – it’s so immaculate I cannot bear to swatch it yet! Sorry! I know this type of detailing relies on precision moulds at the factory – moulds don’t retain their perfection endlessly as after a time they become less precise due to wear, so have to be replaced. Call me a geek but I want to get my hands on these moulds! The blushes will be £30.50.

Dior 5 Couleur Palettes, Spring 2014
Dior 5 Couleurs Palettes, Spring 2014

Again, the detailing is perfection on the 5 Couleurs Palettes above – this one is Pastelle Fontanges with ice blue, pale pink, silver and grey.

Dior 5 Couleur Palette Trianon
Dior 5 Couleur Palette Trianon

However, I think it’s this palette will steal our hearts! It’s called Pink Pompadour and is, as you can see, a blend of purple, green and pinks in the softest of shades. Both these palettes will be £41 each.


Dior Mono Trianon
Dior Mono Trianon

Strangely, the mono shadows are the least successful on the detailing, and it has to be down to the powder; they just aren’t quite as precise as the others. This shade is a purple blend, Angelique. The Monos are £24 each and you can use wet or dry to vary intensity. Interestingly, my information suggests using the colours with fingertips for a blur and for more depth and extreme colour, with a brush. Generally, you don’t really see brands suggesting fingertip application very often although we all do it!

Dior Trianon Palette
Dior Trianon Palette: Marquise Clutch

Yep, well you know where this going… straight to the collector’s box! Although I was initially a little disappointed that it’s the same shape as a previous palette, bows are so central to the creativity of Dior make-up that it makes sense that what’s inside is wrapped in a silver bow.

Dior Trianon Palette Open
Dior Trianon Palette Open

It’s quite hard to capture the exact colours; the top right shade changes in every light so I’d say in real-life it isn’t as green as it looks in the picture. There’s a vintage Dior palette HERE that makes total sense of this collection and its heritage. I would love to get into Dior’s archives and pull out all the vintage themes and bring them to life for this decade. The palette is £59.

This collection launches on 17th January. I’m going to post lips and nails in a separate post, and I’ve got some skin care to cover as well.. exciting!

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