[unpaid/sample/affiliate/ad] I honestly couldn’t get Dior Solar The Self Tanning Gel onto my face quickly enough! I have the unenviable curse of going sallow in winter – ill-looking, I would even say, when in fact, all it is is that the warmth has gone from my face. It’s still tempting to ‘tan’ and actually I take the sun really easily no matter what I put on my face SPF wise, so more often than not use an SPF30 on my face daily but it’s with reluctance. I am sure that people my age still carry that ‘tanned is healthy’ cross that we picked up from advertising throughout the seventies and eighties – even the nineties now I think about it. Newer generations have the good fortune of wiser advice.

Dior Solar The Self Tanning Gel

I’m enjoying using Dior Solar The Self Tanning Gel and think that the results (pic coming up after two uses) speak for themselves – I’m not turning a curious yellow that’s not natural for my tone, but instead a tone deepening that suits both my skin and the time of year.

Dior Solar The Self Tanning Gel

Apart from the red line from my glasses (my own fault for not giving it time to wear off before taking the selfie) across my nose, I think it looks okay. No foundation, a bit of Bobbi blush, some mascara, brown liner and gloss and that’s it.

Dior Solar The Self Tanning Gel

I did notice that my skin felt slightly drier after application – I’m not sure there is a self tan for the face in the world that doesn’t cause it initially because they all tend to use the same actives. In this case, it’s DHA with AHA lactic ( so you MUST use SPF with it). You can layer up – two applications for light glow, three for medium glow, and four for just been to St Tropez for a month. I’ve gone light – it’s only just May and I’ve been nowhere sunny, but I do feel tempted to amp it up a bit and just lie about how great it was at my villa in Antigua. The Dior Solar The Self Tanning Gel does contain fragrance so if you are sensitive to that, it’s not for you, but otherwise, I love that hit of tropical holiday aroma. It’s £37 HERE and a big recommend from me.


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