Question: how easy are the new Dior Golden Tattoos to use? Answer: very easy!

I was a little bit fearful that these would be tricky to apply – ripping or ruining £80’s worth of gold tattoo would be a crying moment in my book so I felt quite trepidatious. In fact, it’s very simple and I chose the biggest and I suppose the most difficult because of the size to test out properly.

You basically cut round the design (although at £80, I think it should have been pre-cut), remove the plastic covering, apply face down to the area you want the tattoo to go, moisten the paper (it needs to be wet rather than just damp), give it a minute and then slide the paper away. It’s that easy.

The design remains tacky for a couple of minutes so be patient and let it thoroughly air dry. After that, it’s fine. I’ve got long sleeves on today and there is a little bit of cracking on the design from movement and also the sleeve rubbing which suggests that these are not the sturdiest of things to wear. 

However, if you’re prepared to look after the design and just want it for a one-evening splash, they’re absolutely gorgeous for statement body art. I’ve put mine through a dog walk and a woolly sweater rubbing against it for a couple of hours – given that, it’s pretty impressive. 

I think what you have to remember about the Golden Tattoos is that they are for the Harrods market where dropping £80 on body art probably isn’t the biggest deal for many of their customers. Would I pay £80 for them? Actually, probably not – I have a feeling there will be many copies and the Dior price is greatly pushed up by the fact that they’re using real gold particles, which wouldn’t be a breaker for me. 

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