DIOR Bastinet Palette
DIOR Bastet Eyeshadow Tablet

This is quite a tricky one to explain, because I don’t actually know the artist, Vincent Beaurin but there’s a special reason that I connect with it. It’s inspired by Bastet the cat, an Egyptian deity – and my dad, at the age of 78, has just received his doctorate in Egyptology! So I know more about Bastet than I feel I ever need to. Bastet varies in form; goddess of music and dance, feasting and love, protector of women – Bastet is all good!

In the flesh, this is a weighty thing, made of two, smooth, rock-like tablets (magnetized) with three monochrome discs of colour; Sapphire, Saffron and Silex and has DIOR engraved on the lid.  It’s very limited edition and definitely one for collectors only at £150 at Harrods and Selfridges. It’s made to be a work of art by Beaurin who has collaborated previously with Dior fashion and was first unveiled at the Galerie Laurent Godin. There are only 1450 in the world.





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