Yikes..when I first heard about the Digital Perm I knew straight away that it wasn’t for me – I spend enough time trying to keep my naturally curly hair straight, but was intrigued enough to recruit a volunteer to trial the treatment. So, what is a Digital Perm? Put in its most basic terms, it is a technique originating from Japan that thermally reconditions the hair and allows a hair technician to create any kind of hair texture from loose waves to full on curls. Electric rollers are hooked up to an infra-red heat unit that re-sets the hair ‘memory’, and yes, of course there is a chemical element. But, unlike traditional perming methods, it is the combination of chemicals and infra-red that boost the curl. I have to admit I’m still a little confused about why it is called the ‘digital’ perm, but not particularly worried about the name if it works. I also like the fact that it can be used on curly hair for those whose hair doesn’t fall into enviably uniform locks to loosen and silken hair.

So, I sent the lovely Sarah (@Citygirlfashbox on Twitter) to Eleven Hair at 11 Bleheim Street, W1, where she received the treatment on a complimentary basis.

“When I was first informed of the digital perm, my first thoughts were quite frankly 80’s frizzy horror. But as I read more about the Digital Perm, it sounded perfect – loose boho curls? Yes please!

To give you a short run down of my hair, it’s long in length, medium brown and fairly fine. The most excitement it’s ever seen is wash in and out colour, apart from that it get straightened on a daily basis.

The Eleven salon is tucked away neatly just behind Oxford St, it may be little but the atmosphere is lively and sophisticated. It has a very sleek décor, and the overall service is very warm and inviting, instantly being offered glasses of wine and array of magazines upon my entrance. I was taken through to have my hair washed after a consultation, may I add the hair washer had softest, most gentle hands I’ve ever felt! A far cry from the hard, aggressive shampoos I’m used to in my local hairdressers. A quick run down of the process later, my hair was firstly slathered in a protective layer liquid, unlike a cold perm, the digital perm does not damage the hair in the slightest.

Then after splitting my hair into various sections, the main chemical was placed upon each strip of hair. The chemical strips down the ‘bones’ of the hair allowing it to be molded into a different shape. Next, a roller was attracted to each tiny section, with such precise strips of hair. Then it was hooked up to something I can only describe as something out of a sci-fi film, each roller being attached via a lead to this contraption, which sent heat the chemical in place. Christian and his assistant were extremely attentive, ensuring that I felt no pressure or heat during the process, adding cotton wool to ensure that my scalp was protected. Half an hour later, the heated wires were removed and a cold fixer was poured over the tightly kept rollers. Then ten minutes later, the fixer was washed off to show a mop of curly wet hair. To my delight, I then had the two hairdressers
blow-drying my hair with a diffuser to create the most perfect curls. I was thoroughly delighted with the result in the salon, warned that they would drop slightly; I was very impressed with the results. The experience I encountered in the salon was a long process, yet thoroughly enjoyable and I felt re-assured and content throughout by Christian.

I was advised not to wash my hair for two days, I was practically dying to wash my hair and see the curls transform. Two days later, after washing I found after much practice, using hair dryer diffuser created loose curls, a light beachy wave, (with a stronger curl if desired). Styling it couldn’t be any easier! I am also able to blow-dry and straighten my hair as normal, and I am delighted to find that it has added good deal of volume to my roots, which is amazing for some one with rather fine hair.

I personally would find it hard to pay that amount (from £250) to have the treatment, yet I do think it’s a fab treatment if you were going on holiday or for the summer (as it claims to last for four months). Overall, I am really pleased with the results and wouldn’t think twice about booking in for a trim/treatment at Eleven salon in the future!”

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