Diane Pernet is a fashion legend but don’t be surprised if you’ve never heard of her. Her signature look is towering black hair, red lips and veil and she carries the same mysterious air as Anna Wintour – unknowable.

I think you have to be truly ‘fashON’ to understand Diane – it’s not in question that she is devoted to her genre as founder of ASVOFF, a fashion film festival. She’s been, variously, a fashion designer, costume designer, curator, critic, journalist and film-maker.

It’s a surprise that the rarified world of fragrance hasn’t already tapped her for a signature perfume) or MAC for a make-up line), but finally, it’s happened and the Diane Pernet collection launches into Liberty this month. As you might expect, they’re designed to be both challenging and alluring and are full of olfactory suggestion.

To Be Honest is green and woody with an incense note (stumbling upon a church while walking through woods), Wanted is oriental (an oriental garden as the mist rolls in), In Pursuit of Magic is citrus (standing atop a hillside temple), while Shaded is salty and musky (a nocturnal bath in the sea). The wording alongside Be Honest is ‘Be Bold. Brave. And utterly reckless’.

Help – I’m not ready!

Diane Pernet fragrances are definitely ones to look out for if you love a niche and exciting scent. She’s certainly inviting curiosity which is what every fragrance house dreams of and is yet another example of an older woman expanding on her experiences.

The fragrance collection launches into Liberty in spring.

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