I’ve just noticed that Dermalogica’s new range for teen skin is available to buy on line now. It’s looking SO different to the original Dermalogica and actually, I really like it. The look is still clean (indicating medical, maybe) but the use of colour just makes it a little bit less serious and therefore scary. The price points aren’t bad either. Clean Start focusses on the needs of teen skin, and predominantly addresses the issue of spots – even bacne is tackled.

I’m interested though in the sales strategy – Dermalogica spread themselves pretty far and wide across the web in terms of selling through other beauty e-tail sites and in some cases accounted for a very large proportion of the site’s profit. They then seemingly had a head-scratch and worked out that actually, if they squeezed out the e-tailers and just sold it themselves, hey presto – mucho profit. In fact, on a couple of sites I’ve just tried, if you want to buy Dermalogica you have to ONLY buy Dermalogica and have no other brands in the basket from that site meaning there is little or no point in going to any other site than Dermalogica’s. Given that these smaller e-tailers are the ones who have taken Dermalogica in good faith initially and helped them on their journey to skin care domination, I’d say it’s more than a little bit crap of them. Some beauty e-tail sites have a struggle to survive as it is without a brand pulling that kind of stunt. Nobody likes a sharky brand, folks. You can be as clean-cut and wholesome as you like on the outside, but unless you’re the same on the inside, the truth will out. It may well be market forces, but it strikes me as plain greedy and actually, ugly.

Clean Start seems to be sold from a UK Clean Start site and in salons only.

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