[unpaid/purchase/affiliate] A few months ago a friend brought back the DedCool sampler set from the USA because the brand wasn’t available here. Well, SpaceNK has started stocking it so if you feel like treating yourself to 6 x 9ml of the brand’s best sellers, including Milk and Xtra Milk, I’d do that sooner rather than later. The Dedcool ball has just started to truly roll and I feel like a lot of it will sell out.

DedCool Sample Set

It’s £24 HERE. I used up the Milk fragrance pretty quickly as you do with 9ml so I treated myself to a small Xtra Milk which is the same white musk based fragrance with the volume up.


DedCool Xtra Milk Review

Xtra Milk is a sort of fresh laundry, clean skin kind of aroma lifted with bergamot and amber. It’s a very hard fragrance to define because what its main use seems to be is as an amplifier for any other fragrance you might be wearing. Put bluntly, it’s putting the sexy into whatever juice you’re choosing by giving it a musky, human smell. Other people’s olfactory senses will be pinging without you even realising.

DedCool Xtra Milk Review

My suggestion would be to try it with any of the other DedCool fragrances in the sampler set and see how you get along. Worn alone, it’s a very naked kind of scent – earthy and sensual – but, and it’s a big but, if you’re like me, your nose loses the thread of it quite quickly. So, it’s not about last – I think it’s so like ‘you’ that you stop being able to smell it but that doesn’t mean others won’t be able to smell it either. If you find yourself being extra-hugged, don’t be surprised – I wore it to a launch yesterday and even though I am an adept hug dodger at these events, it did seem to be extra hard to avoid them. I bought the 15ml travel size for £24 HERE (as all the travel sizes are) and feel it’s a good entry point price. If I can sum it up, Xtra Milk is like the beautiful underwear only you know you are wearing – it gives you an extra spring in your step ;-).


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