Datamonitor, data and analysis experts, have reported that skin care consumers are failing to engage with the plethora of skin care products. That’s really not a surprise, but thank god someone has said it out loud. I’m not sure how anyone is supposed to pick out a skin care product when the choice is quite literally overwhelming.

Blogs have a huge part to play in helping consumers pick the wheat from the chaff but, as a beauty writer where it is my job to examine and assess new products, I get tied in knots about what is what. There are so many new skin care products that it is a never ending process – it is impossible to try everything, impossible to even assess everything and many are so similar that there really is no discernable merit between one and another. How any brand can bring out yet another bland bottled, scienticifally *proven* tube of anything is beyond me. And it is because so many do that we are in this situation. If brands stopped channelling god knows how many man hours into producing products that nobody understands, nobody can really tell if they really make any difference and nobody but the brands actually care about then we’d all be in a better place.

Datamonitor also confirm that claims made by skin care brands and products aren’t being heard.. we are simply fatigued by the latest and greatest stats, figures and complicated formluae. Mostly, new products get lost in the noise, so instead of heading off to make something even more super-technical, even more luxurious or even more *essential* how about listening to the message that the volume needs turning right down.

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