Cover Girl Hair Smoothing Foundation

So, yes. It’s really a thing. Foundation that ‘conceals’ your facial hair. We don’t have Cover Girl here in the UK so we’ve remained oblivious to this invention – I actually don’t know what to make of it. On the one hand, I think everyone has a bit of downy hair on their face, so what? But on the other, lots of women are self conscious about their fuzz.

Cover Girl Hair Smoothing Foundation relies mainly on an innovative silicone disc applicator to smooth down hairs but the formulation also contains a glycerin to get hairs to lie flat and then a resin substance to hold them in a downward position.

Bottom line here is that it isn’t going to be suitable for you if you have a very downy face – it’s only really going to make any difference to those with very light down, who probably don’t need it in the first place. But wait, nobody really needs it. Having some down on your face is totally normal, so I feel concerned that it’s like the Clinique egg all over again – highlighting normal skin matters and making them into a problem so we feel we need to fix it.

US Blogger reviews haven’t been all that positive on its efficacy, I might add.

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