Cover FX Custom Cover Drops

I’m pretty sure that Illamasqua already has a version of pigment like this, I’m not sure they’re for retail sale, so the Cover FX Custom Cover Drops are very, very welcome for anyone like me whose skin tone changes from month to month. This is very clever stuff indeed – literally pure colour pigment that you can customize any other product with. Once you have the right shade, you can start adding it to moisurisers to turn them into BBs, add to BBs to give more pigment, to foundations when the season changes – literally anything!

Cover FX Custom Cover Drops
Cover FX Custom Cover Drops

I know this isn’t the most beautiful swatch picture, but the first one is the pigment alone (my shade is N30 and then I have it partially blended into a very heavy duty moisturiser – one that I wouldn’t like to put foundation or extra product over the top of. You can see that it gives some colour even to that formulation, which means if you’ve got super dry skin and are having to load up on hydrators, you can build some coverage in if you’d like to. I like the idea of creating your own serum foundation with this.

Products like this, with so many uses (make up artists will adore these; it’s going to make life so much easier) and such versatility don’t come along very often. I hate to say that products are ‘essential’, but Cover FX Custom Cover Drops is one of those that really does have a place in every single make up bag, particularly if you are base obsessed.

Better yet, it goes to deep tones from super pale tones in a range of 25 shades – there’s an emphasis on pink tones, too, which often get neglected in the foundation market because everyone’s gone a bit too yellow and warm.

To use Cover FX Custom Cover Drops, you literally add one drop for sheer, 2 for medium, 3 for full and 4 for total. I’m not sure you’d go to 4 unless you’re a make up artist. The texture is fluid enough for droplets but thicker than a water base; as soon as you add the pigment to anything else, the surrounding liquid disappears, leaving you with just pigment to blend.

There is absolutely nothing not to like about Cover FX Custom Cover Drops (except possibly the price – £36)! Snap them up as soon as you find them. They haven’t quite hit stores yet, but I’ll try and flag up when they do.

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