[unpaid/sample] While we are on the topic of nice, herby scents, I’ve been discovering Colt & Willow eco cleaning products. If you remember back in lock-down, supermarkets noticed an upsurge in sales of premium ‘utilitarian’ products. People were buying upgraded everyday things such as washing up liquid and kitchen/bathroom cleaners and as far as I’m aware, they still are. I got very bowled over by Aromatherapy Associates x Laundrette washing liquids late last year because it just felt like such a lovely way to bring pleasure to the pain of doing the laundry!

Colt & Willow Eco Cleaning

We’re also much more conscious of the environmental impact our cleaning (of bodies and homes) is having. Colt & Willow uses plant based ingredients that smell wonderful (they also look so like body products that you may need to prevent your guests from having a quick spritz of Bathroom Cleaner) while being efficient cleaners.

Colt & Willow Eco Cleaning

I don’t feel in any position to preach about cleaning to anyone but I did very much like that fact that my kitchen has a wholesome geranium aroma (no need for scented candles!) and the joy of a rhubarb scented washing up liquid can’t be underestimated. I’d like it in dishwasher tablet form for the very last bit of the cycle where you open up it up just a fraction too soon and the steam pours out – how lovely would that be if it smelled of rhubarb! The Rosemary, Juniper & Lemon bathroom cleaner is the punchiest of the scents and a little goes a long way (I’d be lying if I said I’d done the whole bathroom by way of a test but my sink certainly liked it!).

Pricewise, you’ll see a big leap from what you can get on your supermarket shelf, but Colt & Willow Eco Cleaning is for a very specific market that will (and can) pay £12 each for their cleaning products on both eco and aesthetic grounds. If cleaning is your luxury, why not? It doesn’t seem any more outrageous than paying £50 for bath oil when you think about it. 1 Litre refills are £8 each so the initial layout is for the bottle and accompanying parts as well as the 470ml product inside (I have 90ml sample sizes here). You can find Colt & Willow HERE.

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