I’ve been dying to try some coloured contacts for ages – I used to wear them years ago – even my own mother didn’t notice that I’d had green eyes all day long so I’m not sure how effective they were! The first pair are from http://www.uniqso.com/ in Cindy Magic Triple Grey – they’re gorgeous and make the iris and pupil look bigger than real life but they’re quite subtle – so when people look at you they see something different but can’t quite say what it is. Lots of black kohl really intensifies this look. I might also say that they are very, very comfortable to wear – I could hardly tell they were in my eye. This pair is $21.90.

Triple Grey Lense

Cute little contact lense case

This pair is Glamour Violet from http://www.eyesbright.com/ and actually I prefer them for the look because they are really very, very dramatic. However, I didn’t find them as comfortable to wear: I’d recommend these more for experienced lense wearers. As you can see, my eye is a bit red because they didn’t seem to settle as well as the Grey ones. Nonetheless, I’d stick some Comfort Drops on them first before applying, and would definitely wear them for a night out. You can also just see in the picture that I have some purple lash extensions in and the whole effect is amazing. My natural eye colour is the light brown you can see around the pupil. These cost £15.99.

Glamour Violet Lenses

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