I really like the design of this fragrance bottle – it just looks kinda happy, really. It’s from Coach, the US leather company whose bags I spend far too long lusting over; I have one Coach bag in a tan leather that I got in the States when the dollar rate was exceptional…since then, I’ve only managed to buy a key-ring! However, the fragrance is at a reasonable price point at £36 (or a body lotion for £29 – cheaper than a key-ring!). It’s a sweet-floral with a ring of vanilla (they call it ‘creme brulee’ but, er..) at the bottom which isn’t quite me, but it does warm to a very pretty scent without too much of the gourmande coming through. I’m starting to think that noses pick up the things they like best from fragrances, because I was so sure I wouldn’t like this, yet do.

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