It’s now about two months since I had this laser eye lift; I had to have one eye re-done because it hadn’t had the same level of lifting as the other one and I had that done last week. I can immediately tell that it has worked much better than last time. I can’t tell you how thrilled I am with it; a week’s downtime seems a very small price to pay for such an outstanding result. I wasn’t happy that I needed it re-doing on one eye, but I know that procedures like this are not an exact science yet, but even given that inconvenience, it’s something rather miraculous. 

As you age, the skin on your lids starts to lose firmness and that can result in the upper part (under the brow) falling onto the lid..which means there is pretty well no point in wearing eye make up since nobody can see your lids. I can say that now I have beautifully defined lids and it is well worth getting back on that smoky eye horse! My eyes look much more open and awake than they did before.. all in all.. it’s an outstanding treatment. The effects on the eye that did work first time have just kept on getting better over the two month period.

It’s always a little hard to recommend procedures like this, because they can’t be taken lightly even though surgery is not involved. Yes, it hurts a bit, yes, you can smell your skin burning and yes, you look pretty roughed up for a week. But, as a make up lover who was very sad to contemplate consigning eyeshadows to the bin, I would hand on heart say this has made all the difference. 

I had my treatment with Dr Ariel Haus as mentioned in previous posts.

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