Well, there’s a first time for everything.. readers who have been reading BBB for a while might remember I did some work with Olia a year or so ago – I was required to dye my hair and it was pretty much the first time I’d ever done it. I loved it and I’ve stuck with Olia since then. At the time, I was impressed that it didn’t smell like hair dye but with limited personal knowledge of dyes, I really didn’t know then what I know now thanks to Clairol Nice n Easy.

I’m honestly not sure how this stuff is even allowed? I couldn’t find my Olia so I just grabbed this one instead (I know, I didn’t do the patch test.. I KNOW) because the colour looked about right. So, I got everything ready and did the mix up – pretty much the same process I imagine as any other dye, but it was when I started to apply it to my hair that I was shocked. I was kneeling with my hair brushed forward so I didn’t miss any back bits and it created a sort of tent for the fumes – literally I was coughing, my eyes were running and I could hardly breathe. So, I flicked back my hair to catch my breath, and guess what? Dye splattered everywhere. Because it’s SO runny.

I’m so annoyed.. I don’t even know how anyone can put up with this stuff on their head – it is SO strong it feels illegal! I will never, ever use this again. Never. Tomorrow I’m going straight out to buy a TON of Olia. And, to add insult to injury, it’s stained my beautiful green nail polish.. and yes, I used the gloves.. it can only have been at the washing out point..when I, er, didn’t .. #pennydrops…

In the interests of fairness, the finished result was excellent; shiny, even and soft hair. But the getting there? NOT worth it.

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