I was so excited to get the Ciate Caviar Manicure Kit through the post this morning that I dropped everything (not the beads, thankfully!) to test it out. It doesn’t disappoint and looks a-mazing. 

The pearls are absolutely miniscule (and hard to capture on camera as you can see!) and come in a nail polish bottle. You paint one coat of the base colour onto your nails, let it dry completely and then start painting nails one by one. So, with the second coat wet on one nail, you pour the pearls and continue til all nails are individually coated with a second coat and pearls.

Just after the pearls have gone on, you’ll need to do a little tidy up with an orange stick if you have one just to remove any stray pearls from the sides of the nail. Setting time is twenty minutes and after about ten minutes, I pressed the pearls down to ensure they are firmly embedded. After than, you don’t lose any more pearls, although I lost one or two before that. 

Because there is a plastic tray included in the set, as long as you work over that, pouring the pearls back in is easy with the little funnel. 

My nails are in a horrible state after I broke the middle one last week really low down, so please forgive that they aren’t regular. Even so, I’m so pleased with this textured look.. it’s truly brilliant and as my nails will prove, will look even better on longer talons. And, the pearls don’t catch on clothing or anything like that. I don’t think the finished look will be particularly long lasting but for a special nail look, I’m definitely using this again.

The Ciate Caviar Manicure Set launches in April for £18. 

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