Chanel 3D Printed Mascara Wand

I love the backstory to this 3D printed mascara wand almost more than the actual product, Le Volume Révolution. It’s a significant investment for the brand and took them six years to patent 3D printed cosmetic applicators, including this mascara brush…what that means is that nobody else can 3D print this brush (I haven’t looked at the patent but it’s possible that could apply to other applicators, too) and its my understanding that the entire 3D applictor patent now belongs to Chanel. The benefit of 3D printing is that you can create a brush that’s just not possible through other manufacturing processes.

Chanel 3D Printed Mascara Wand

One of the first things I noticed about the brush is that it looks like there is far too much product on it when you pull in from the tube. In fact, it’s due to the granular texture of the brush which allows it to pick up the mascara liquid and get it to your lashes in the most efficient way. The ‘grainy’ nature of the brush is replicated on the exterior of the tube so you get a tactile reminder that its different to other brushes. On application, it becomes clear that there isn’t too much at all – lashes don’t start to get big and long until coat 2. The bristles have ‘micro-cavities’ and are arranged in such a way that there’s no clumping and that there is an even distribution. The idea is that you shouldn’t have to re-dip for a second coat, but for my personal taste, I did go for that second dip.

I’ve worn it more or less all day (since 7am til the time of writing) and it’s not moved, smudged or flaked so in that respect, I can’t fault it. It’s a very deep black shade and doesn’t give you crispy lashes at all – my lashes feel soft but look coated. It’s £28 HERE.



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