When @Catsarsepr hit the Twittersphere a few weeks ago, they got many beauty journos tittering nervously. Their profile reads:

PR agency specialising in beauty & grooming. We like unpaid interns, organising exclusives & taking ungrateful bastard journos to the Delaunay. We’re the dogs.

I have no idea who it is (I’ve been asked about a hundred times if a) I know, and b) if it is me; the answer is no and no) but they’re really, really funny. But funny because they are so close to the bone. Here’s a couple of their tweets regarding the placing (in a PRs head) of journalists and bloggers.

catsarsePR  @catsarsePR
Wouldn’t mind but one of those easter eggs cost £7.50. That’s a top-end press gift for Catsarse. Just hope the bloggers got their Creme Eggs
5 AprDescription: catsarsePRcatsarsePR  @catsarsePR
OMFG! Intern2 has ‘fessed up. She ate all the press’ Easter Eggs! Even the special one for the writer with the phantom food intolerance!
They’ve got everyone guessing who it might be (personally, I never want to know!) and go so near the knuckle that any laughing is sheer relief that they haven’t divulged some of the really dreadful behaviour that goes on… yet. It’s topical, terrible and totally absorbing and a very spikily accurate reflection on PR/Journo/Blogger world. 
Intern2: “I think that Samantha Brick has done us all a favour. She’s set a new benchmark for beauty. And look how low it is.”
bloggers: if you mention one of our products could you please tell us? I haven’t got all day to read your blogs. Thanks. x
3 Apr
Description: catsarsePRcatsarsePR  @catsarsePR
just allocating tents to pairs of beauty eds. You have NO idea how much fun we’re having putting people with people they hate.#happydays
3 AprDescription: catsarsePRcatsarsePR  @catsarsePR
just planning little excursion on our press trip to Kajikistan. Hope beauty press are ok overnighting in two-man tents.
freelancer wants images of all our products emailed to her asap. High res or eBay quality I wonder?
I do apologise if I’ve ever cancelled a meet with you at short notice. If I pass a nail bar on the way to an afternoon tea I can’t resist!
lovely email from Beauty Ed saying thankyou for the flowers. Told her she was very welcome. I wonder who sent them? Sure as hell wasn’t us.
Huge shout out to all our gorge Irish followers. Can I  just say you’re much friendlier than your English counterparts! May relocate.
it’s a fallacy that Beauty Eds don’t touch canapés. I once saw a monthly mag Beauty Ed lick the entire outside edge of a mini-burger.
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