I’ll pay you…

It’s a little bit unbelievable that some bloggers buy their Twitter followers. And, I will be very quick to point out that the example I am thinking of isn’t a beauty blogger. Until I checked Google, I didn’t actually think such a thing was possible, but it is.. you can buy 1K followers for $12, or, 10K for £200. 

So, it’s funny initially to think that someone would be so desperate to improve their follower figures that they’d pay money for some anonymous eggs (because that’s a dead giveaway.. lots of followers with no profile picture) just so they can stats-brag. It’s like trying to buy friends… or paying someone to sit with you at lunchtime, as @thesundaygirl pointed out on Twitter. But, what isn’t so amusing is that these false stats will be bandied around to boost perceived status and impress anyone (notably brands and PRs) who’ll listen to just the raw figures quoted. And, ultimately, it’s a lie. If you’ve paid for followers, they don’t engage, they don’t tweet and they’re literally a static follow that brings nothing whatsoever to the profile – they are just shells. The blogger’s ‘value’ isn’t increased and brands or PRs may find themselves engaging with someone who is absolutely not what their figures might suggest they are. It’s lying, and it’s wrong. And, in my view, it is also fraudulent.

If ever there was a reason for alarm bells, it is this false ‘advertising’ and profile building made from hollow bricks, and folks, if you don’t thoroughly check who you’re working with, mind those eggs, because they’re absolutely rotten.

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