My sister used to live in California and we’d go and stay with her and her family for a couple of weeks each year. An absolute staple in her bathroom was Jergens and also Aveeno, neither of which we had in the UK, so I’d come home loaded with the stuff. Although I’ve got a soft spot for luxury body lotions, I’ve been going through so much recently that I haven’t been so fussy, and it has been quite an eye opener.

So, starting with Jergens Firming Lotion with pomegranate extracts that professes to visibly firm cellulite. I don’t really have a lot of cellulite and what I do have is behind me so I don’t pay any attention to it, so I’m probably not the best to assess its cellulite credentials. But, what it does do is give a lovely, silky moisturising effect on the body. It absorbs quickly and has a pleasant, slightly sweet scent. There’s nothing not to like about this, and at £4.99, it’s a good option especially if your skin needs a little more tautness. The product labeling says it’s 96% natural.

Nivea Body Pure & Natural Body Lotion has a dollop of argan oil in it.. and I love argan oil. I’m always on the lookout for actual quantitiy of argan because labeling a product argan can often mean that there is only the tiniest amount. However, on the labeling, argan appears somewhere in the middle of the list which gives me confidence that it has more than many argan infused products. The actual lotion is really lovely; it’s not too heavy or dense so goes into skin in no time at all, and, more importantly, does a nice moisturising job. Not at the same level as a balm, but for a lotion, I’m pretty impressed. 95% of ingredients are of natural origin and it is £3.57.

Aveeno is harder to find than the above creams; I can only seem to get it at my local chemist. However, Daily Moisturising Lotion contains colloidal oatmeal and is slightly richer than the other two. As it is fragrance free, and oatmeal can help sensitive skin, it is the better option for skin that acts up and needs some soothing. It is also fragrance free, which makes it feel more mundane than the others, but it tackles dryness just as well. It’s about £6 ish depending upon where you look.

All of the brands above have moisturisers in difference strengths, if you like, and I’d definitely try more budget ranges based on experience with these. They just all seem to do the job and while they’re not glamourous or particularly luxurious, if they get skin feeling supple and hydrated then it’s all boxes ticked. 

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