I wasn’t going to do a blog post tonight but then caught wind of this little story. Unilever, the massive corporation who own Dove, Vaseline and Ponds amongst many, many other household name brands, have had their knuckles rapped by a court in the Hague for using the name ‘Champagne’ on a shampoo brand in the Netherlands. Andrelon ‘Champagne’ was produced to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the Andrelon brand, but now all 340,000 bottles have to be scrapped – any publicity or sales will garner Unilver EU5000 in forfeit per day! Okay, so I say sack the lawyer that ever thought this would be okay in the first place. Even I knew that the word ‘Champagne’ is one of the most tightly protected names in the world and can only be used on products that originate from the Champagne region of France. And I’m not a multi-national coporate lawyer. You can probably just google ‘Champagne’ and discover that the name is strictly regulated. How it ever came into production in the first place is a mystery, as is why funds were allocated to defend the case. Bizarre.

NB: Info in parts from Cosmetics International Magazine, my bible!

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