It’s the colour selection that’s got me interested, rather than the fact that it’s Brooke Shields. However, Brooke is 49 and we can’t ignore that this is one more step towards normalising beauty at any age. Even if it is a bit air-brushed. MAC are very good at embracing women of any age – who can forget the phenomenal range with fashionista, Iris Apfel, who at 90 had her own MAC collaboration in 2011.


I’ve done my research on-line, and there are plenty of pictures of Brooke Shields – I think she’s gone through a lot of beauty phases.. clearly some Botox, then less, then very taut skin, then not so. I found one picture of her without makeup looking very natural and just, well, normal. Celebrities have some awful beauty choices to make that those of us who aren’t in the limelight don’t have to make so I can’t feel judgemental about her beauty journey. It just seems that she has settled, at 49, to a face that she feels comfortable with. The MAC picture is blessed with amazing lighting and I am almost certain some airbrushing, but nonetheless, Brooke’s collection takes us into neutral territory that can be worn at any age. There isn’t much to see at this stage, but if you notice in the main picture, the neutrals are all perked up by pops of bright which is absolutely ideal.

I’m looking forward to seeing more on this collection which launches in September, and it’s a step forward in convincing beauty+ women that trend led make-up is cool and we can ALL do it!

By Jane aged 49.




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