Yes, you read it right…a ‘facial’ for the vajayjay. According to BellaSugar (who may of course be doing an exercise in proving ‘we’ll believe anything’), the San Francisco salon, Stript, is offering thorough exfoliation for your lady garden with an enzyme gel before ingrown hair extractions. This is followed by an anti-freckle cream, anti acne or calming mask. As if that wasn’t all the fun your fanny could get, its then treated to an application of ‘lightening’ cream. Now, I don’t want to be all feminist about the rights and wrongs of hair removal (although I did get sugared (legs) recently by an LA therapist and asked her why whipping it all off down below is such a thing is the US and she gave ‘hygiene’ as the reason…WRONG), because I am far, far more interested in exactly who the customer is that has a) enough time to obsess about her regions to the point that she ends up thinking, hmm, yes that really does need perking up by a therapist, and b) who exactly has the chutzpah to be so, well, open. If it’s you, you need to get out more.

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