I’ve just received some product and press releases through from MAC and on the bottom of the release in capitals is a notice that COVERAGE ON THIS COLLECTION IS EMBARGOED UNTIL 23RD JULY 2009. Okay, so it’s not long away, but given that MAC has got many loyal and ardent fans across the beauty world, both in the print media and on-line, who support them each and every time they so much as do a beautiful sneeze, I’m not sure I think they should start dictating when this can be done. It’s not the first time this has happened – with MAC and others – in fact, one beauty range where we (beauty writers) were all gathered to look and admire only to be told we weren’t allowed to feature any of the products until a more prestigious publication had had first dibs, meant that I have never and will never feature that range. The trouble with getting ideas above your station means that inevitably the competition will seize upon your weakness…with brands such as Illamasqua emerging as strong MAC contenders (and who seize bloggers with open arms, I might add) it’s as well to be flexible, I feel. Why send or show anything if nobody can do a thing with it? Do I dare break the embargo? Sure, it’s MAC Starflash Eye Shadows.

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