Boots Mature Skin Range
Boots Mature Skin Range: Pic Credit: George Chinsee/WWD

Well, this is about time. Mature skin specifically is rather badly catered for presently – there are plenty of generic age creams, plenty of anti-ageing but little to guide women with mature skin to anything formulated for exactly that. Anti-ageing can be a little woolly in targeting older women because obviously they want to grab every customer concerned about ageing so making a product age specific can eliminate some purchasing.  This is specifically aimed at 45+. reports that it targets age spots, repairs elasticity, moisturises, exfoliates, evens tone.. heavens, is there anything it doesn’t do?

Boots are known for their rigorous pre-testing – this has been six years in development so the odds are that it’s going to do what it says on the label. It launches in September.

NB: I have to put my hands up to not reading WWD through properly.. the news for them is that this is launching in the US.. we’ve had it for a year at least in the UK. Sorry :-(.



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