In January, Boots are releasing the No7 Beautiful Skin Cleansing Brush priced at £25. I am going to immediately address the elephant in the room and say the Clarisonic word. I have a press release that carefully avoids any ‘sonic’ element, but the device has two speeds and can be used with any wash-off cleanser; gel or balm. 

What we have to look at here, since it is such a direct hommage to Clarisonic, and not the first either, but certainly the cheapest, is whether it is as effective. I love my Clarisonic and rate it highly as a beauty gadget, but whether you actually need the ‘sonic’ bit is debatable. I can’t see why this rotating cleansing brush would be any less good at exfoliating while cleansing and giving a very good deep cleanse because it lacks the sonic element. As I understand it, the sonic bit means a very high oscilation impact and I don’t imagine that the Boots Cleansing Brush has the 300 movements per second claimed by Clarisonic. While Clarisonic claims 6 times more cleansing power than manual, Boots don’t make any such claims other than to say it leaves your skin twice as clean. 

I think the jury is still out on this one; I think you will get cleansing benefits from the Boots No7 brush that are superior to manual cleansing, but I am not sure that it will be at the quality of Clarisonic. I am also not clear whether Boots is battery operated – it certainly makes no mention of being rechargable – whereas the Clarisonic certainly is less of a drain on resources, including financial. It could be that the Boots brush drains a battery in a week which means an on-going outlay for literally ever.  

NB: I have just discovered that it is battery operated. 


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