To be honest, I don’t know how to say this either, despite having a long conversation about this new fragrance brand yesterday. Come to think of it, I don’t actually think I heard it said out loud! I’m hoping it’s Bohdi-dharma because in my head that’s how I’m imagining it.

So, behind Bohdidharma is Michael Boadi (Illuminum and Boadicea The Victorious) and I guess if you already have two fragrance brands under your belt, you probably know what you’re doing. I was very much expecting not to like this. I don’t understand fancy tea at all (I love a bit of Tetley and going off piste with tea for me is a cup of fresh mint or very occasionally, rose tea!) although most of my friends are obsessed with teas. The very practical side of me also has to ask how any fragrance can be £165 (*tucks Gucci Guilty in pocket*).

The worlds of niche fragrance and mass fragrance are chalk and cheese. I’m not a fragrance snob – I think you should wear what you like whether it’s from Lidl or an extract picked by monks at dawn – as long as it smells nice to you, that’s what matters. But this stuff. This stuff. It’s kind of extraordinary; the tea notes lie behind the top notes in Green Camellia, Sacred Fig and Pink Lotus which are the ones I’ve tried. But over the tea notes are these immense notes that take your breath away (in a good way!). Sacred Fig is the most figgy fragrance I’ve ever come across – even figs don’t smell this good. Green Camellia is citrussy, fresh, green, floral and clean and Pink Lotus is, well, musky, sweet, smoky and powerful thanks to jasmine, musk and amber. Definitely one of those ‘I’m wearing nothing under my fur coat’ kind of perfumes.

Even I can tell that Bohdidharma fragrances are built from fine ingredients. There’s just no doubt. Oh, if you want to really do the tea thing you will probably go weak for Orange Peko and Black Lapsang.

The Bohdidharma fragrance range has just launched into Fenwick Bond Street, so if you’re passing, nip in for a spritz and see if you can leave without one – even at the price. Or if you don’t mind taking a chance, you can find it on line HERE.

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