{previousADrelationship] I’ve been meaning to write about this forward-thinking campaign for a few days but only just found the time. It’s unexpected from Bobbi Brown, I must admit, because since Bobbi left the brand has had to work hard to find a new identity that resonates with the core consumer.

Bobbi Brown Campaign

I think this raw and honest campaign is something that other brands need to sit up and take notice of – and I think, will. I mean, these gorgeous, happy, enthusiastic and beautiful women ARE their core customer, much as any marketing department would like to pretend otherwise (marketeers tend to be deluded into thinking their core customer is a collection of madly rich youngsters with high powered jobs and enviable Instagram lives). Normalising real beauty is the strongest message any brand can possibly send to an army of potential consumers who will look at these women and know them.

Bobbi Brown Campaign

For an example, I don’t know this woman – she doesn’t say anything to me at all … in fact, she’s blurred into so many other bland images of lookielikies that I hardly even see her. The other two? I want to crack open the rose with them!

Bobbi Brown Campaign

I wonder if this campaign would work in any other country than the UK? I am assuming it’s specific because we are a very particular market for global brands and often misunderstood by global campaigns that think one campaign genre suits all. It doesn’t – this is so spot on for us because it truly represents our attitude (I’d have liked to have seen more women of colour however) and our personality as beauty consumers. I struggle to find an established beauty brand that’s not neglecting their core consumer at the moment – it’s so good to see (for a change) a marketing campaign that truly gets it, truly understands that every woman can own her beauty and more importantly is absolutely entitled to it.

And yes, Christine, I’m with you on the Stick Foundation!

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