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It’s that time of the year to have a look behind the scenes of BBB purely for entertainment purposes. All sorts of stuff happens at launches and events that never sees the light of day so, strictly anon unless it’s me, here’s the beauty backstage bloopers.

*The PR that got stuck in the coat-cupboard of a very swanky hotel; panicking, she was screaming and shouting for help at the top of her voice while scrabbling to pull the door open. A passing waiter showed her how to push the door open.

*The night I got lost with a fellow blogger in a very dimly lit restaurant. A little bit of wine meant we had inadvertently got out of the lift from the loo on the wrong floor and were trying to sit with people we didn’t know.

*Arriving at a launch with no people, products all over the floor and thinking it such a shabby event. I was a day early.

*Quite a few traveling incidents this year for some reason: notably traveling on a train with a PR I commented to her that I was sick to death of all the skin *expert* rent-a-quotes, in particular, Mr X, who was the worst of the lot. In a quirk of horrible fate, Mr X was sitting in the seat opposite me.  And very, very unhappy…

*Also on a train journey, a couple sitting opposite us (our seats were closest to the door) quarrelled for two hours solid, mainly consisting of the woman telling ‘Roger’ off.  She was absolutely raging for a variety of reasons; a ball of fury and in no mood to be messed with.  As I got up to leave at my stop, I patted Roger on the shoulder and said, “Good luck, Roger”, as I headed for the door. Unfortunately, the train door wouldn’t open to let me off….Queue frantic scuffling at the door and the embarrassment of having to be helped off by the guard.

*Totally mishearing the word ‘pre-med’ as cream-egg. Nearly turned into a whole other beauty story, as in “We’ve stopped giving people cream eggs before their procedures…”

*The PR who got completely stuck in the revolving door of the Plaza Hotel in New York… half in, half out, the porter had to release the door and she catapulted out onto Park Avenue in a heap. Her clients were watching in horror…

*The PR who lost her entire entourage of journalists on a press trip… for the WHOLE WEEKEND.

*The PR who fell asleep under her desk after an office party: the digital team made a video from office CCTV of her trying and failing to get out.

*On a shoot, my mike wasn’t working properly so the camera team were calling for the mike man. I said to him, “do you not mind that everyone calls you mike because you look after the microphones?” He said, “My name is Mike.”

*The intern who stayed late to unpack boxes for a beauty shoot and sliced through a box to get it open only to discover she’d sliced a little too enthusiastically and slashed the couture lace dress as well.

*The PR who sneaked back to the office with her boyfriend for some love on the blow up sofa. A sneaky post-whatever cigarette burst the sofa but unbeknown to them, it had also set off the fire alarm. Cue the fire brigade breaking down the door…

*The PR who accused a major celebrity of staring at her boobs. Awkward really, as she’d just emerged from a very hot stockroom and he was actually staring horrified at the two circles of sweat that had formed under them and stained her t-shirt.

Let me know your super-bloopers!


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