I was just about to do a round of speed reviews when I thought I’d rather talk about what’s on my mind. A few days ago I had an email from the fabulous Blog Herald, who talks so sensibly about all things bloggy, from technical information through to the general blogging zeitgeist. Basically, he was saying that blogging is like a relationship. At first, you can’t get enough of each other – every moment apart feels like a torture and all you want to do is rush back into each other’s arms. Then time passes, and the initial rush to the head stage is over. You start to think you’d like a weekend to yourself; to deal with all the things that have fallen by the wayside while you’ve been so besotted. After a while, you feel that actually, you’d like even more time to yourself but then feel guilty for feeling like that so end up resenting the amount of time you’re spending together while life carries on without you. Then, there’s the settling down period; you’re getting used to each other’s foibles and starting to realise that this is something that could work – it just needs a little tweaking. And, now here we are – a full-on relationship that at times feels like a rock round your neck and other times feels like sheer bliss.

Like anything in life, blogging has to be about balance. At times for me, blogging feels like hard, hard work for something that is a pastime, and yet I’m drawn back time after time because when it’s good, it’s absolutely bloody fantastic! Tell me I’m not the only one who has a love/hate relationship with their blog.

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