I’m really sick to death of blog ranking systems that are without fail utterly inaccurate. I recently found myself popping up on a top ten ranked list (second, so there are no sour grapes here) that was so off the mark that I actually phoned them to beg them to reassess how they are compiling these so called Top Tens. It transpires that they don’t use visits or uniques as part of their methodology, but a random system of Twitter interactions, Facebook likes and blog rolls to name but a few.

I genuinely don’t have an issue with an accurate Top Ten – after all, businesses are desperately looking for correct information, and it’s up to us whether we interact with them, but to be fed inaccurate and misleading blog ranks is just ridiculous. So, I say don’t compile silly lists unless you have a credible methodology that includes contacting bloggers directly for their uniques (and if you don’t want to appear on any lists, don’t give out your stats) and I’d say to bloggers that it’s important to pass on correct information so that maybe one day we might actually get a definitive list. And I’d say to PRs and brands that not one list that I’ve seen strikes me as anywhere near correct so if you are buying lists, don’t bother.

I’m not sure I really agree with listings at all in the first place – I find them divisive – but they are here to stay so finding a way to work with them is key.

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