At the time that I wrote about Rodial’s Size Zero product, I got several comments (from their fans) asking why I wasn’t having a go about this product as well. I hadn’t actually heard of it but it’s now launched in the US and now I see what they meant.

Pretty much ALL I need to say about this is that after all the blurb on Sephora about ingredients and so forth, the final line says “This is not a weight- or fat-loss product.” So, I’m guessing then that there’s pretty much no point in buying it. I’m sure I don’t need to say that the best way to firm your abs is a few sit-ups – and they’re free! You can have as many as you like for absolutely nothing and I will guarantee you that the most you might get from this is a little skin tightening, temporarily while you use it.

And the FatGirl title? Well, back in the day when these products launched it was quite a witty play on the name of a DJ, FatBoySlim. It’s not funny now though, given the epidemic of obesity and the misery it causes. But, the only reason these products thrive is because we buy them. So, you can see that the solution is really quite simple.

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