I’ve been writing about this product since 2010; I’ve just checked my very first post about BioEffect professing it to be too sciency for me (and highlighting the fact that the more you are prepared to take on a ‘science’ based product, the more credible a beauty writer you are… ahem.. gloss lover here!). I do actually remember the day that it was explained to me by someone called Philip (no idea if he works there still) via a very long and very tedious powerpoint presentation and being quite thrilled when it was over. I was totally a sceptic until I put it on my face and within 24 hours I was a total convert. In 2010, BioEffect, and Barley derived EGF (more later) was a new concept and BioEffect a new brand with a hell of a lot of science to get people to pay attention to as well as plenty of nay-sayers who deemed EGF a dangerous ingredient. In fact, I can remember begging the SpaceNK buyer to take a look at it – one of the BioEffect boys ran it over to her there and then – only for Space to refuse to take it on the grounds it contained EGF. Ironically, it turns out, as they already stocked a brand containing a differently derived EGF. I wrote about this brand everywhere (I was still writing for print at that time), becoming increasingly frustrated that EGF was a barrier but it is a very difficult concept to explain. If I talked about it on Twitter and recommended it, I could literally see people un-recommending it!

BioEffect ran into a bit of trouble when they entered Boots because (I think) Boots wanted their stand staffing with consultants, so the product could be properly explained. This wasn’t financially viable for a small brand like BioEffect, but the fact that Boots took it at all suddenly made other stores sit up and take a look for themselves. Everything about EGF is explained perfectly on the BioEffect website (HERE), so I’ll take the shorter route myself. EGF is Epidermal Growth Factor – it’s a natural protein produced by our own skin cells that keeps cells healthy and also boost the speed of cell renewal. While some labs produced EGF via (in a circuitous route) mouse livers (yuk), BioEffect engineered theirs through barley, coming up with a skin care ingredient that other (huge) brands were dying to get their hands on. At a certain point, early in BioEffect’s existence, they could have sold out. Instead, they struck out on their own with one single product, the original BioEffect Serum.


At the time, it was said that the serum was a do-it-all product – that nothing else was needed other than one tiny drop day and night. I will still maintain, despite all the new products in the range, that this is true. Back in 2010, I did a sampling campaign on BBB – the first I ever did (I can’t even think if I’ve ever done another – I don’t think so) and BioEffect ran out of samples in the crush. So, I guess it’s kind of sad that over the years I’ve not really maintained the same level of contact with the brand – it doesn’t stop me enjoying their journey; they’re now on QVC, Net-A-Porter and Selfridges, to name but a few – and going from strength to strength. But, I haven’t forgotten that super dull presentation from two young guys with a very difficult concept to sell but so full of enthusiasm and so tireless in their optimism.

So, before this turns into the most lengthy post of all time, a couple of weeks before Christmas, my skin was looking knackered, and despite having a million things to slather on my face, I was literally craving BioEffect. I still had a bottle of the original serum, had to source the Eye Serum from QVC because it had sold out everywhere else and the PR sent me the Day Serum. It still has a radical effect on my skin. The glow is back, it is distinctly smoother and softer looking and well, just so much better in terms of brightness and dewiness. I don’t think I will ever find another product that can do this as well as BioEffect can. Naturally, it’s not cheap. I am the biggest sceptic about spending a lot of money on skin care – more often than not the results do not match the price. In this case, it does (although if you are going to Iceland, BioEffect’s country of origin, stock up because it’s much cheaper there). The three products I’d most highly recommend are the original BioEffect Serum, £119, The Eye Serum (I can hardly use any eye creams at all, but this one I can – although you get a very scanty 6ml in a bottle that looks much more generous) £60, and the Day Serum £110. Everything else, you can leave alone because it doesn’t bring anything over and above to the party. I’ve searched around for deals, although these products are rarely on offer – you can get an extra points deal on Boots (HERE) on the original serum, although it’s cheaper on QVC you will have to pay the postage. The Eye Serum is only available (that I can find) at the moment on QVC HERE (and £5 cheaper than elsewhere) and the Day Serum is at neither of those places – arghh – but you can find it HERE.

I’ve wanted to write this post since before Christmas; it doesn’t seem to matter how long I leave it between goes, BioEffect always does more for my skin than anything else I can think of. It’s part of the remit of being a beauty blogger that you have to try many products but over the course of six years, I am still coming back time and again to this brand. If you’re struggling to decide – because it is expensive – the original serum, I do not think has been bettered, and you really do need only the tiniest amount. I should also add that BioEffect is generous with hyaluronic acid – my skin always loves that.



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