So many people sent off for a sample of BIOEffect when I posted about the offer so I think it is time to give this product a review, six weeks after beginning to use it and almost at the end of the full size bottle. I will point out that I am using it morning and night, although the BIOEffect website advocates using at night only, so I have clearly raced through a bottle more quickly than normal.

In a word, it’s impressive. I hate using the word ‘miracle’ when describing a beauty product but this stuff really does come somewhere very close. It’s the simplest thing in the world to use – initially I used it under night cream but now understand that this isn’t the best way – BIOEffect renders them unneccessary. You only need two or three drops of the clear serum and that does your whole face with no need for any eye creams or other products. It’s unscented with a very smooth texture that feels almost silicone-y and glides over the skin with no rubbing or pulling.

Its quite a long time since people have noticed my skin – good or bad – but last week I was asked more than once (actually three times) what I’d done to my complexion, describing it variously as glowy, dewy and plumped. And they are right – it is all three. I am absolutely thrilled with the result with no plans to deviate from using it any time soon, no matter how many other skin brands are vying for attention. Fine lines are, if not reduced, certainly masked and plumped giving an overall much smoother look. Even I can see the glow effect – even first thing in the morning, there’s a certain radiance thing going on that I’m very happy with.

So, the upshot – yes, its amazing, yes its fulfilled all expectations and more. I can’t remember the last time I couldn’t find fault with a product, so not wanting to break my duck, I will say that it is very expensive and if the price came down just a little bit from £125, I would place it as outstanding value. As it is, it nudges a price point that few are prepared to pay more than once or twice.

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