Bioeffect Daytime
Bioeffect Daytime

If you’ve read my blog for a while, you’ll know I rave and rave about BioEffect Serum, which doesn’t come without controversy. BioEffect uses barley derived EGF (epidermal growth factor) and there’s genuinely nothing like it for a whack of glow to your skin. I’ve looked at all the QVC reviews on this and it’s a mixed bunch, so what I can say is that it certainly suits my skin. But, EGF itself causes great debate on-line – everyone has natural EGF but there is a line of thought that EGF applied to the skin can cause cells to work in different ways. All I can say is that I love this product, I feel it is safe, but you must do your own careful research and draw your own conclusions.

With that said, Bioeffect’s newest launch is a day cream for dry skin. BioEffect Daytime looks like a glossy, loose cream in the pot, but actually once you dive in has more of a cold cream texture so doesn’t exactly glide across the complexion. However, in terms of keeping your skin hydrated, it’s stellar. I used this as soon as I got it and didn’t need to moisturise again for 24 hours. For testing, I cleansed using CeraVe Cream Cleanser, and did not apply a night cream – I wanted to see how long I could hold the benefits for. I’m really impressed with it.

Checking on the ingredients, barley extract and shea butter are in the mix.. shea is a well known moisturiser and I suspect that is what is doing the work here, but it does also contain EGF cellular activator, the results of which won’t be noticable on a two day trial. All I can say is that so far, I haven’t had a product from Bioeffect that hasn’t done good things for my skin – it seems to deliver extremely well, but do do your research first.

Bioeffect Daytime launches in September – everything from BioEffect is expensive, and Daytime is no different at £55 for a small pot. It launches in October.

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