I’ve got to admit, I’m a little bit disappointed with these wipes – they took an awful lot of getting as they couldn’t be found in any regular pharmacy in Paris, and then an internet search that took forever to identify a site with UK delivery. When they did get here, after paying a £10 delivery charge, the wipes arrived loose in a badly knotted Sainsbury’s carrier bag dumped on my doorstep. Bizarre.

Anyway, I am a huge, huge fan of the regular Crealine cleanser…it’s been my cleansing staple for a year or more, with occasional breaks when my skin is dry when I swap for a balm cleanser. The wipes just don’t seem to have the same cleansing oomph though. They’re okay, as cleansing wipes go – they cleanse effectively – but if you’re expecting the same performance as the bottle cleanser, you’ll be disappointed. I don’t use wipes other than occasional lazy-emergency use but when I do I can never get the same truly cleansed feel. It’s the same with the Bioderma wipes, although they are very gentle on the skin.

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