[unpaid/ad/sample] Since several people have asked about skin care rituals that might be soothing in some way, it seemed a good time to talk about Bharti Vyas. It’s not a new range but has had a recent revamp and takes a holistic approach to products so they’re ideal really, for creating something more meaningful around your routines. Bharti herself is well into her seventies and it’s a family run business that pays great attention to detail around both their treatments and products.

Bharti Vyas Skin Care

I love a salt scrub – the scent of this is just delicious with sweet orange oil to give a citrus kick but it’s the texture I really like. I prefer to use a body scrub on damp skin rather than wet skin and the looser consistency of this is perfect for paying attention to your body using upward motions where possible.

I put a towel on the bathroom floor because invariably you’ll end up with little salt grains on the floor otherwise and then after exfoliating step into the shower or bath. If you can reach, you can then bundle the towel and let any excess salt grains fall into the bath water. Aside from giving smooth skin, spending that extra time on stroking the scrub over your skin methodically and gently helps to stimulate circulation and activate the nervous system.

Bharti Vyas Skin Care

Another strong recommend is Bharti’s Harmonising Face Oil for cleansing or hydrating the complexion. If you can’t use essential oils, it’s not for you, but if you’re fine with them, the blend has an earthy, grounding scent backed up with ylang ylang for sweetness. It’s a great oil for facial massage – light but skin softening – and has a multitude of essential oils in the mix. Chamomile, Jasmine and Neroli, Tea Tree, Angelica, Ylang Ylang and Rose in a carrier of jojoba, grapeseed and carrot seed oils. It smells exactly like the facial you wish you’d had so couldn’t be better for a DIY version. If you want to use it as a cleanse, just wipe over with a warm, damp cloth to remove any residue, but if you’re using on clean skin you can leave there. I found a short video on You Tube from Shiseido (HERE) that gives some easy instructions on simple facial massage – of course, you can use whatever products you want or have to hand.

Bharti Vyas Skin Care

Bharti’s Special Oil is another versatile product – good for body, face or even scalp – and again, is powered with aromatherapy oils that encourage you to breathe them in while you treat your skin. The blend is a bit spicier in scent at first than the Harmonising Oil – perhaps it’s the saffron – and it’s a little heavier in construction. Hemp oil (full of omegas), Vitamin E, Saffron Oil, Neroli, Argon and Rosehip combine to form a nurturing oil that only needs a couple of drops at a time warmed in the hands and applied to the face. If you have congested skin, however, it’s recommended this isn’t the oil blend for you. Bharti’s tips for facial massage (although I think it’s easier to see rather than read) are: “Facial massage helps stimulate the skin to repair. Starting at the middle of the chin, use thumbs and index finger to pinch along the jawline towards the ears. Finish off with a scissor effect on either side of the ear. This helps the lymphatic system drain toxins.”

There are price reductions across the entire site making everything very reasonable for the quality and efficacy – Bhart’s Special Oil is £28 (instead of £35), Harmonising Oil is £23.99 and Salt Scrub is £20. The site is HERE.

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