At home gel kits really divide the blogosphere; professional manicurists hate them because they rob them of business and that is completely understandable, but those who love gel nails adore them because they do save a heck of a lot of money.

I’ve had a go with the Belle Gel system; it’s very user friendly but a little clunky in places – the cure time seems quite long compared to other gel systems but a major plus is a regular release of new trend shades. When I used the system, I found the shrinkage on the end of the nail quite severe – but the instructions do say to go over the free edge with generosity and I am not sure that I did so I it would be unfair to say that that is a flaw. The result, other than the shrinkage, was pretty spectacular with ultra smooth and glossy nails that are the mark of a good gel nail cover. 

The jury is still out, I think, on home systems but I love the way that Belle Gel is packaged in a sturdy box with a drawer so everything packs away neatly and tidily and if you are on the look out for a home system, I’d say it’s pretty good. 

Belle Gel costs £59.99 for a starter kit HERE

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