I’ve got to say that Kerastase Densifique is my stuff of nightmares when it comes to explaining what it does and how it does it. Brands put so much science and technology into hair products – more, probably than skin – so when a new product that does something different comes out, they want to throw all the science our way. I’ll flag up that I haven’t tried Kerastase Densifique yet, but it does sound like something rather special.

Kerastase Densifique

The wording around this product is not what I would choose – but it’s L’Oreal and they’re youth obsessed. They can’t conceive of women who are actually happy with how they look over a certain age. Nonetheless, hair, like skin, does behave differently as you age, so anything that puts the bounce back into tired hair is fine by me. Kerastase Densifique Youth Serum is a ‘hair youth serum’ designed to do two things: fight hair thinning and counteract the effect of greying. Grey hair tends to be coarser and more unruly that hair with pigment, and it’s absolutely true for many women that their hair thins as they age, so the fact that Kerastase Densifique is taking on two main hair issues for older women in one product is pretty cool.

So, what’s in it? A power-packed anti-oxidant complex comprising Ferulic Acid, Vitamin C, Vitamin E and a UV filter. Simplified, these ingredients help to to keep your hair quality so that all the things you might associate with grey hair, such as coarseness and lack of shine, don’t happen. Instead, what should happen is that your hair feels like it did when it was younger and firing on all stem cells (which reduce as you age). So, in their own younger-is-better-obsessed way, I think what they’re saying is that you’ll get nice, shiny hair that doesn’t feel or look coarse or unruly. Plus, you get a little root lift.

Kerastase Densifique Youth Serum

I have very few greys but I’m definitely going to give this a go to see what happens – it’s a scalp infusion rather than being blended into the hair. However, it takes at least a month to see results and at £49 a bottle (from April), you might run out of patience before the time is up. Kerastase is the brand I come back to time and time again – I might not have so much faith in this product were it another brand, but as a long term user of Kerastase, I’ve never known that brand to deliver anything other than excellence.

This is also a good time to mention that I’m going to start featuring Beauty+ over on BBB rather than on its own site – I’ll gradually start pulling content over to a tab on BBB. Beauty+, as a small site, does really well on its own, but it’s just a more manageable option for me to keep content over here and mark any Beauty+ products as Beauty+. I’m also realising that my passionate belief that beauty is for any age and the many phases of beauty that we pass through in life, there’s maybe no need to separate it off. The site will stay as it is for now, just in case, but on the whole I think I’m happier for BBB to be all inclusive.


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