Pals at Cult Beauty have quite rightly flagged up their status as 3rd in the top thirty beauty blogging web sites – and obviously as they aren’t part of any networks, they come first as the most popular UK independent blog (I came a not-so-heroic 19th I think…so no cigar for me!). Networks help to bring revenue to blog sites by pooling figures and enticing adverstisers to large reader numbers even though the readers are split by blog. This is all well and good, but the minute you take adverstising you are then at the same mercy of adverstisers as any magazine. I’d say that most bloggers would swear to not to be swayed so they can continue giving ‘real, unbiased’ advice. But since one of the largest networks stipulated to me that a condition of joining was no ‘snarking’ (being sarcastic or unpleasant) about brands because they had ‘great pr relationships’ it doesn’t seem to follow then that being unbiased and real is an option. I’m never horrid for the sake of it, but if a brand/item is rubbish then why shouldn’t I warn potential buyers from shelling out for something useless? The joy of no adverstising (other than my tiny googleads box which I haven’t yet found out how to get rid of and from which I draw no revenue) is that BBB is truly my blog. I’m not beholden to anyone or anything other than my conscience. And that’s very variable.

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