Whether you know it or not, as followers of this blog you are what makes the beauty market thrive.  Your opinions, your discussions and your choices are the lifeblood of our industry.  I am Kelly Marks, co founder of Pure Public Relations.  Jane Cunningham the British Beauty Blogger you all know and follow has given me the opportunity to walk in her shoes and see what a day in life of a blogger is really like.  From this moment on I am in total control of her phone, email, digital channels and above all this blog, for one day only.  Today is the #bbbtakeover.

Do you remember when Lynda Carter masterfully spun, with arms outreached, and transformed into her alter ego Wonder Woman?   All red, blue and gold Lycra with a lasso of outstanding ability?  So much has changed since then, spinning for one now involves a stationary bike (ah soul cycle how  I love you), but the possibilities for change remain the same.

Wonder Woman
Wonder Woman

The way I see it, these type of transformations have always been at the heart of entertainment.  People love to see change before their very eyes, and in essence that is what beauty is all about too.  The promise of change; something younger looking, glossier, better.  Those of us who love beauty, love to see what difference a little pot of this or a little tube of that can do.  And the life of a beauty blogger as I see it, at the start of this experiment, is just that, on speed. Testing, trying, comparing, passing judgement on the efficacy and covetability of a product or beauty treatment.

The UK beauty industry is reportedly worth over £15billion, we simply can’t get enough.  We all long to find the next big product, the range that does what nothing has done before it.  There are so many brands across the world, that I’d love to see thrive in the UK.  I’d love to know which brands you’d like see over here too.

My expectation is that my day, today will be madly busy, and that I will learn a lot. I see this as a great opportunity to view the beauty world from the other side.  It’s great timing too, as our own blog at purepr.com is growing all the time and our Pure digital department is our next great step.

As a PR you look for the positives in everything and one of the things that makes British Beauty Blogger so special is Jane’s honesty and no holds barred approach.

Will I be able to cut it?   Will I break a beauty news story?  Will people care?   There’s so much noise online will anyone even notice?  Are you still even reading?

I have been surrounded by the best of beauty my whole life (many a Saturday sweeping hair in my father’s hair salons) and have over 20 years as a PR working with some of the world’s greatest beauty brands.  As with everything I am taking this task on 100%, and wholeheartedly respect all those bloggers out there doing this every day.  I am entering your world, and I am scared.

Transformation from beauty PR to beauty blogger starts now. Lasso at the ready.

Transparency Disclosure

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