I decided to be a little bit more adventurous with hair dyeing – I hate the whole messy process of it even though it has been made so much easier by new formulas including foams. But, I resent having to do it as what I’d really like is my hair to stay the same colour for the rest of my life. However, a few creeping greys mean that particular wish is very obviously not coming true!

I had a go on Saturday with L’Oreal Casting Creme Gloss in a darker brown shade than I’d normally (Iced Mocha) go for – and it came out even darker on me than it looked in the box. It’s a cool toned shade, with notes of red, where my skin is definitely warm toned so the difference is quite striking and I like it. My hair is naturally a light brown – that kind of dull mousy that doesn’t really veer into any definitive interesting colour territory and the new shade has made an impact in a good way. 

So, ease of use. I think these things are all pretty much of a muchness – the last dye I used was John Frieda Foam and I think I like the Casting Creme better for colour, but the John Frieda better for ease of use because nothing is easier (or reduces the likelihood of random splashes on sheets, towels etc) than a foam. I will say though that the John Frieda Foam, while I was delighted with the colour, didn’t keep its colour terribly well so I’m hoping for better things from this one. Casting Creme comes with a Royal Jelly conditioner that truly whacks on some shine.. I can’t remember how long it is since my hair has been this shiny, other than when using intensive conditioning masks. As for being multi-tonal – I was impressed with this aspect as it genuinely doesn’t look flat at all, but will say that ultimate shine was on day one. Day two and the shine isn’t quite so dazzling. All in all though, I would use it again in a flash. 

Taken in semi-sunshine following morning after dye

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